Man shot with flaming arrow on live TV after ‘America’s Got Talent’ stunt goes wrong

You probably remember your mother telling you when you were younger that if you are going to play with fire, you can expect to get burn. Well, the video below confirms what many of us have already suspected: moms are always right.
Playing with fire is definitely dangerous, and these contestants at America’s Got Talent found out the hard way. You see, their number involved one of them shooting a flaming arrow towards the other one. The arrow was supposed to hit the target one of the contestants was holding in his mouth.
But things didn’t go according to plan, and that’s to say the least. Most likely, there was a problem with either the crossbow or the nock of the arrow which caused the bolt to turn slightly as it left the bow and hit one of the stuntmen. The whole moment was broadcasted on live television proving that all the tricks you see on America’s Got Talent are actually legit.
Fortunately, the incident only injured the contestant slightly and the man was lucky enough to walk away with just minor injury.
Amber Walker and Ryan Stock have been performing stunts like this for more than ten years, but not even experience can compensate for certain malfunctions.

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