This May Be The Best Dudeoir Photoshoot Yet

Boudoir photography is not anything new. It was in the 1920s when boudoir photography started to gain more and more popularity. Even though it was illegal to have nudity in photographs, photographers like Albert Arthur Allen, a French artist, continue to use it to create amazing art that still lives today. The style has definitely evolved over the years and became mainstream.
Boudoir photography is now one of the more respected and pursued genres of photograph. Many women choose to show off their bodies in provocative poses that accentuate their femininity and sensuality. But how do you feel about regular men posing this way?
Tami Bears of Artistic Photography By Tami decided the internet could use a good laugh, so she posted the images below in honor of Flag Day. The pictures show a let’s say curvy men posing wearing few clothes next to an American flag.
Tami found her model online and says she couldn’t be happier with her choice. “I saw Josh post a picture on Facebook and was like ‘Jackpot!’ He was exactly what I had been holding out for. I asked if he would do it and he didn’t even hesitate,” she said in an interview for Scary Mommy.
Take a look:



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