Meet the buffet champion

When it comes to planning a wedding, there are many things to be taken into account. From choosing the perfect venue to selecting the entertainment for the night, everything needs to be in check so that the event turns out perfectly. But maybe one of the most important aspects that go into planning a wedding is choosing the meal style. Let’s not hide around the bush: everybody loves to eat.
A buffet-style reception is one of the most casual styles of meal service. If you’ve ever been at a wedding that had a buffet, you’re probably familiar with how things go. How have to stand up, go away from your seat and pick the food you want from the buffet. There are typically two concerns when doing this. One: you put too much food on your plate and risk people giving you the look. Two: discovering that there’s no more of the food you wanted because someone was greedy and ate it all.
The guy in the video below has none of these concerns. When he saw his favorite dish was available at the buffet, he went all in and made sure he will satisfy his large appetite. You need to see this!

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