Mommy Preparing Meals For Her Dogs Turns Around To See Them Doing THIS! (WATCH)

Saying grace before a meal is a common practice in many households around the world. All the family sits together at the dinner table, and gives thanks for the food on the table. Meanwhile, the family dog is already starting to beg for a piece of meat with little consideration for the fact that the rest of the family is saying grace.
But don’t think all dogs are the same. Some canines have incredible table manners. The dogs in the video below are definitely among them. The clip shows a Chinese woman who is most likely the pups’ owners preparing food for the dogs as they patiently wait for her to be done.
The most impressive thing, though, is how the dogs sit as they wait for their food. The dogs actually look as if they were saying grace. With their paws up and their heads down, these mannered dogs listen as their owners blesses the food.
My dog once stole a Twinkie straight from my mouth while I was eating it, so you can see why I’m totally impressed with these dogs.
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