Mother Pays Off Every Student’s Lunch Debt

If you follow with the news, then you know there are schools taking kids’ school lunches away because they have a balance due on their accounts. Can you imagine how embarrassing it must feel to have your lunch taken away from you in front of a whole bunch of other people in the cafeteria?
Well, Dominic Gant, a high school junior, knows exactly how it feels. The teenage boy was getting lunch as usual at his school’s cafeteria when the cafeteria lady took the tray out of his hands and threw it away. What’s the explanation for her gesture? Dominic owed less than five bucks to the school for his lunches.
The boy was humiliated and went home to tell his mom about what happened. The woman was appealed and went straight to the school to receive an explanation. The woman paid off her son’s debt, but she wanted to make sure nobody at the school will experience that level of humiliation. So she paid off every other student’s debt so that nobody would have to go through what her son went through.
Of course, she didn’t have to do that, but she says it was just the right thing to do. These are the kinds of stories that are worth sharing.

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