She Was A Virgin and She Conceived a Baby With a BULLET! Second Case in The World!

Although a virgin, an American woman gave birth to a baby girl, conceived – according to doctors – by a bullet that pierced the woman’s stomach after it hit a man in the testicles, the events representing the second such case ever recorded in the world! The doctors were amazed to find that pregnancy test came out positive, although she was a virgin. In November 1999, Leslie Corbide – a nurse in the United Nations contingent deployed in Bosnia – gave birth to a baby girl weighing 5 pounds. As it turned out later, the girl was born thanks to a bullet. In February 28, 1998, the nurse was wounded in a shootout between the military police and a group of villains, and a bullet hit her in the lower stomach. The wound healed successfully, and the girl was discharged. nastere-virginaSix weeks later, however, she came back to the doctor complaining of lack of menstruation and that she had morning sickness. A gynecologist examined her, discovering that she is a virgin, so she refused to undergo a pregnancy test. When Leslie insisted, she took the test, which indicated that the woman was pregnant. Doctors could not explain it until they have looked carefully on other medical records. One of the police officers was wounded in a same day as Leslie. He was close enough to Leslie when he was shot, and doctors have assumed that the bullet hit the man’s testicles, taking a small quantity of sperm to reach the uterus and Leslie was inseminated. An analysis of the child and the father’s genes demonstrated that physicians assumption was correct.

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