Simon cuts off nervous mom’s audition. When he gives a new song, she brings them to their feet

It’s easy to sit down comfortably on your sofa and watch people try out their luck by showcasing their talent on popular TV shows like Britain’s Got Talent. But it’s a totally different thing to actually be on that stage, have an entire audience (and the judges) look at you, analyzing your every move.
There’s a lot of pressure; not to mention the fact that you know millions of people are going to watch your performance once the shows airs. That being said, you can see why people auditioning would get nervous.
It’s what happened to Sian Pattison, a loving mother from Warwickshire. You see, the woman hadn’t even sign up to audition. That’s because she doesn’t like the idea of performing in front of such a large group of people.
However, all of her friends and family members who knew just how much she loves music and how talented she is encouraged her to share her passion with others. And once she managed to get a bit comfortable on stage and deal with her emotions in a productive way, Sian totally nailed her audition.
Her performance earned her a place in the competition, and it’s definitely something you shouldn’t miss. Take a look:

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