They Sing 2 Different Songs At The Same Time, Immediately Sends Shivers Down Everyone’s Spine

Casey Breves and Sam Tsui are two YouTubers with a knack for music! Both of them are extremely talented singers, and have managed to amass a pretty impressive following online. However, it’s when they perform together that their talent really shines through.
Their voices complement each other perfectly, and the result is likely to send shivers down on everybody’s spine. In the video below, they can be seen singing a one-of-a-kind mashup performance of “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran and “I’m Not The Only One ” by Sam Smith.
You would think that listening to two songs at the same time can get pretty confusing, but these young men have somehow managed to sing two completely different songs simultaneous and make it sounds ah-mazing.
They both put a lot of emotion into the song, which only makes their performance that much better. It’s definitely not easy to orchestrate a mashup well, but I think you will agree that these two singers have done a pretty awesome job.
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