“To all you skinny people…Eat a Biscuit”

There’s no denying that appearance is extremely important nowadays. Now, there’s no harm in wanting to look good, be in shape, and be admired by people for the way you look. But it seems like we’ve taken things a little bit too far.
Many people have come to obsess over how much they weight, and are constantly on a diet. They are struggling to fit into the mold of what society thinks should be the ideal body shape. But the truth is that we are not all build to look like supermodels on the cover of magazines.
Different people have different body shapes, and they are all beautiful. The man in the video below is tired of people telling him that he needs to lose some weight. In fact, he thinks he looks perfect just the way he is.
And he also has an advice for skinny people who are constantly nagging him to go on a diet and lose some weight, and that message is pretty straightforward: “Eat a biscuit.”
Well, we can only applaud him for his confidence and his ability to speak his mind without fearing that some people out there are going to judge him.

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