Someone Locked Their Dog In The Car On A Hot Day

With temperatures rising more and more, the discussion about leaving pest inside the car during hot summer days has reignited. As you probably already know, there have been many cases of dogs and other pets that have died of suffocation and overheating after their owners locked them inside the car for extended periods of time.
There’s no excuse for people who leave their pets inside the car in the sun while they go do errands or whatever. Cars heat up pretty fast. In fact, it only takes 30 minutes during a hot day for cars to heat up to a point in which the air inside the car is no longer breathable. So your car basically turns into a hot oven.
Under these conditions, dogs and other pets can die from heatstroke and dehydration. This is the first thought that went through this man’s head when he saw a tiny dog locked in a car on a hot die. With no owner in sight and thinking about the worst that could happen, the man sprang into action. He grabbed a rock and without thinking twice, he used it to break the car’s window so that he could let the dog out.
Judging by the dog’s reaction, it was the right thing to do.

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