He thought his Dad forgot his birthday, then Dad asks him to get something from the trunk…

When you’re a kid, your birthday is a big deal. It’s a day you look forward to all year long and you expect the most important people in your life to remember it and hopefully get you the present you want. There’s nothing worse than people forgetting about your birthday when you’re a kid.
The boy in the video below thought his dad forgot that it was his birthday and was feeling pretty bumped out about it. But you see, dads can be pretty sneaky when they want to. In reality, dad knew very well that it was his son’s birthday, but he wanted to surprise him with a present that he knew his son will love.
The boy’s biggest passion is playing baseball, so dad got him a beautiful baseball bat. The boy’s reaction when he receives his gift made his dad tear up. As a parent, it’s a wonderful thing to be able to offer your kids the things they want in life and that can make them be better at what they do.
I bet this kid had a wonderful birthday, one that he will continue to remember when he will be well into his adult years.

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