He Took To The Stage And Charmed The Judges, Then Blew The Crowd Away, WOW!!

It’s not easy to stand out when so many talented people are trying their luck auditioning for Britain’s Got Talent, but the young man in the video below definitely managed to get a competitive edge.
As soon as 20-year-old pizza delivery boy Sal Valentinetti took over the stage, he made his presence felt. He was bursting with confidence and determination and everybody in the audience as well as the judges were impressed by his strong presence. He was charming, pleasant and had all the right words, but just having a great personality is not enough to get anybody a place in the show.
Sal went on to prove he really is the full package. He sang a classic Frank Sinatra song and won everybody over with his incredible voice. Simon Cowell called him an old soul and all the judges stood up to applaud his outstanding performance. Heidi Klum wanted to make sure Sal gets a place in the live shows, so she gave him the Golden Buzzer.
We’re sure this is not the last time we are going to hear about this talented young man. His talent deserves a bigger stage. Watch his incredible performance right here.

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