Waitress Serves Man with Walker, He Grows a Liking to Her & Makes Offer She Can’t Refuse

It all started like an ordinary day for Melissa Mainier, a waitress at a restaurant called Peachtree. But what happened later that day was about to change the rest of her life in a way she never had expected.
But the story goes back to when Mellissa met a man named Benjamin Olewine. The 92-year old man was in a walker and, as she was taking his order, Mellissa and Benjamin started talking about her struggle being an aspiring nurse trying to pay her way through school.
After their initial conversation, the man came back to the restaurant and became a regular. Over the time, he really got to know Mellissa better and understood how difficult it was for her to support herself and go to school at the same time. Her debts were wearing her down and she simply no longer had the time to do it all.
That’s until Benjamin decided to step in and offer to pay for her tuition in full. Mellissa’s reaction to hearing the good news will warm up your heart.
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