This wild squirrel can’t get its fat arse into it’s own home!

It acrobat animal world . It amazes with its jumps , from one branch to another, from a great height , and the speed with which run on the branches of trees , which clings to its sharp claws . The house is a squirrel burrow in the ground or in trees, hollows that he can not find the right house to use them . Because it is very small and frail has many enemies ( eagles , bears, coyotes , foxes and hawks ) against which it has no gun . Not only have to run and hide . Because of this there is very careful about what they eat, being on the lookout to avoid being attacked by some predator. Squirrel feeds on many plants , but likes and meat. Among his preferences include nuts , seeds , nuts , eggs , worms , insects , fungi and small birds . He hides food and therefore has a very sensitive smell that will guide her to the hidden food , given that memory does not help .

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