Woman dragged off by tiger at safari park after exiting car in a family argument

Safari parks offer people a great opportunity to see some of the most dangerous wild animals up close and in their natural environment. People get to observe the animals without any fence or partition separating them from the animals, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity.
However, for a family in China this unique experience turned into a nightmare. A woman visiting a safari park in Beijing with her family was viciously killed by a tiger, and it was all caught on video.
Apparently, the woman ignored the park’s safety rules and left the car after she had gotten into an argument with someone else in the car. It only took the tiger a few short seconds to notice her and attack her. In the video, you can see the tiger pulling the woman away from the car and dragging her further away. The woman’s mom and husband were in the car with her and witnessed the scene did their best to save her.
Another car can be seen rushing towards them as well. But despite their efforts, the woman couldn’t be saved.
The footage below contains images that some viewers may find disturbing. Please watch it at your own discretion.

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