Before You Rush Out To Buy The iPhone 6, You Should READ About This Secret Feature!

Before You Rush Out To Buy The iPhone 6, You Should Know About This Feature. The iPhone 6 will be released for the public Friday, September 19 with a larger, double, storage capacity of 128 GB! The excitement and emotions are high and the lines will be long as people gather up the day before to be one of the first lucky ones to purchase the new phone. The competition has never been tougher for the new iPhone as several other devices from Samsung or HTC that have quickly surpassed the iPhone 5s in terms of size, specifications, battery or performance. BUT WAIT! There is a secret feature in the 8th generation iPhone that you should know about. It could end up costing you hundreds of dollars on your next phone bill. Apple sure needs to create something special to keep the brand at the top, so what did the new iPhone bring to the table? Well it appears as if they have followed the money and made partnerships with some big corporations without having the Apple consumer in mind.

Apple has installed a chip, the Next Generation Motion Coprocessor,  in the new iPhone 6 that has insurance companies excited, to say the least. This new chip comes with an application, the iPhone 6 Insurance Spy, provided to every insurance carrier in your country . How does this new application work? Policy holders information is being transferred right now to a new data base that will identify your phone number as an iPhone user and activate the chip through your phone’s GPS. It will instantly notify your car insurance company of your driving habits, good or bad. If you are speeding or breaking hard, your insurance carrier will re-evaluate your insurance policy and charge you accordingly. You could eventually be cancelled and labeled an unsafe and careless driver if you speed on a regular basis. This is all part of a new government plan called “Keeping Our Roads Safe”. They hope to reduce traffic accidents and deaths by getting bad drivers cited, banned and off the road. Share this with iPhone users before the release date of September 19 so they can make an informed decision to purchase or not!

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