A Bold Man Dives Head On Into Largest Waves On Earth. The Result? Spectacular!

Images have become such an important part of our lives that most of us would go to extreme lengths for that perfect shot. But would you put your own life on the line just to get that perfect image? Well, this man will.
Clark Little is a professional photographer who is willing to risk it all to follow his passion. In his quest to take the perfect photo and capture the Earth’s incredible beauty, the man dives head on into the largest waves on Earth. Clark is frequents the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii, where surfing competitions are very common. He goes there in search for the perfect wave, a lot like surfers do, but he’s not looking to ride any waves. He just wants to photograph them.
For many people, a few images are not worth the risks involved. But if you ask Clark, it all pays off. To him, there’s no bigger reward than being able to follow his passion and capture the beauty of the waves.
His incredible images haven’t gone unnoticed and Clark has become a heavily respected fixture of wave photography. Find out more about what drives him to keep on doing what he’s doing by watching the video below.

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