When this dog sees the last piece of chicken, he can almost reach it… if only he had an assistant

I asked my 4-year-old niece the other day what her most recent hobby was (she has a lot of those). Her answer took me by surprise. She said her latest hobby was eating. Everyone else in the room started laughing thinking it was hilarious. I felt happy knowing we now have something in common on top of our common love for stuffed toy penguins.
While many of the adults in the room laugh, I’m pretty sure many of them could also relate to what my niece was saying. That’s because whether we want to admit or not, eating is kind of a hobby for a lot of us. For once, it makes us happy. Also, we do it when we’re bored, and we spend most of our free time doing it. If that’s not describing a hobby, I don’t know what is.
But between me and you, food sometimes makes us do stuff we’re not proud of doing. How many times you looked at that last slice of pizza on the table and hoped everybody else would just disappear so you can eat it?
That being said; take a look at the video below if you like food. Or dogs. Or babies.

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