He is in the FIRST grade, and makes 1 MILLION £ / year! Other kids are playing, he is making CASH!

He only went to school this year and he is already making £ 1 million per year. He is Evan, a boy aged 8 , who brings money into the house, by making videos for his YouTube channel ! EvanTubeHD  is a channel that posts reviews about toys and video games, and now makes  1 £ million annually from YouTube. Originally it was just an experiment that Evan and his father did stop-motion videos, animation technique in which objects appear to move by themselves, with Angry Birds. But the videos had so many views that the boy began to be increasingly active, and his father began to sign contracts for advertising. Now he already has a sales team that is negotiating with large companies to place advertisements in videos. The money goes to children’s accounts, because Evan has a sister who sometimes appears with him in the videos posted on YouTube. So far, Evan clips gathered 272 million views in a few years. For example, the video bellow has over 17.5 million views made in  two years !

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