Foster Puppy Raised By Cats Adorably Picks Up Their Habits

Osito was only a few days old when he arrived at Front Street Animal Rescue, the sole survivor of his litter. He was taken in by Haley, a foster caregiver who also had cats. Haley bottle-fed him, and as he grew, she noticed that he had a unique trait that her other foster pups didn’t: he loved the company of her cats. He would cuddle up in their cat beds, bounce and play like them, and even knead his blanket! Haley also noticed that her cats didn’t seem to mind Osito’s presence. They didn’t hiss or swat at him. Haley said that she had never had a dog who wanted to hang out with the cats as much as Osito did.

Things turned out perfectly when Osito was adopted at three months old into a home with some of Haley’s previous foster kittens. Osito and the kittens quickly became best friends, and they could often be seen playing together or cuddling up for a nap. Osito’s story is a reminder that even the most unlikely of friendships can blossom into something special.

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