Man Rescues Dog Who Spent 4 Years Chained Up Outside

After enduring years of neglect, Dora finally discovered the sensation of being cherished.

“Having been shackled outdoors and disregarded for four long years, I adopted her just two days ago. Remarkably, she has already formed an inseparable bond with me,” Alex Flint shares.

Alex shared further details about Dora’s heartrending past with DogHeirs: “Dora was initially purchased by a family for their young girl who rapidly lost interest in her. Consequently, for the subsequent four years, she was condemned to a life of isolation, tethered outdoors and largely neglected.”

“Fortunately, they provided her with food and she wasn’t physically harmed. However, she lacked social skills, both with other dogs and humans. The foster home that cared for her prior to me, however, did an outstanding job in initiating her healing process,” he mentioned. Alex adopted Dora from Speaking of Dogs, a rescue organization based in Toronto, Canada.

From the moment Dora was with Alex, she must have sensed she was in safe hands as she immediately dozed off in his car on the day he brought her home!

Alex said, “She still has some issues and needs off-leash training, as well as more socializing, but generally, she’s doing amazingly.”

From her look of adoration and trust Dora is giving Alex in the photo below, she’s clearly saying she’s finally found her human, and she’s never going to leave his side.

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