Reporter feels the EMBARRASSING effects of cold weather on LIVE television

Summer has barely ended, but time flies and before you know it, we’ll be all complaining about the temperatures dropping again. Before you know it, we’ll be looking in the back of the closet for the warmest coat we have and take an extra pack of tissues whenever we leave the house. That’s because with cold temperatures come all kinds of not so fun things, like getting a running nose in the most inappropriate time.
And what can be more inappropriate than having a running nose on live television? The reporter in the video below was on live television when she started to feel the embarrassing effects of cold weather.
The woman was most likely sitting in the freezing temperatures outside for quite some time which led to her nose starting to run. With no time to wipe her nose, the reporter continued her report and tried to ignore the fact that she was experiencing something extremely embarrassing.
It’s not pretty to see, but the truth is that the reporter acted like a true professional. When it comes to live TV, the show must go on no matter what. We’ve all had a running nose before. Luckily, the camera wasn’t rolling.

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