The most VULGAR car in UK is for SALE! Crystal ENCRUSTED Mercedes full of Swarovsky!

It was named “the most vulgar car” in the UK, and now can buy it for a six-figure sum, pounds, of course.Student Daria Radionova is selling her Mercedes CLS 350 encrusted with Swarovsky crystals, just three weeks after she drew worldwide attention. So far, 25 enthusiasts have expressed the desire to take the car home, and the auction reached 153,000 pounds.”The car is now for sale on eBay and the money will be donated to charity,” said the 21 year old owner of Russian origin, whose millionaire family is living in Moldova. Daria said some of the money will go and a foundation that cares for homeless dogs in Moldova.She got the car from her parents at the age of 21 and it has BAII BYY number plate.

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