A huge moose was stuck in a children’s swing. This police man risks his life to save the animal! Amazing!

“Weber County Sheriff’s Office” ,in Utah, was notified that a moose was trapped in a swing. The message was of extreme urgency so it required the immediate presence of rescuers to help the captive moose. Fortunately, a policeman had the courage to approach the massive and majestic animal and using the steel pliers, managed to set the moose free.
The brave policeman had an unusual experience given the size of the moose. Due to fear, the animal could have attacked him at any moment if the police actions weren’t made at the correct momentum.
The first attempt failed because the cop was not sure of how the animal would react. The animal was shaking and certainly was dehydrated. The policeman obviously had to release him, assuming any risk.
With patience, he carefully managed in just a few minutes to cut the chains. To gain confidence,the lawman stroked gently and looked into his eyes. The moment was captured on camera, because it was really an act of courage and devotion to nature.
The moose did not forget his rescuer, as he soon returned to the area to meet again. Glad to see him again, the policeman gave him fresh and and cool water from the hose.

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