Her Brother Gets Pat Down at Airport Security, Fires with Comeback That Has Everyone in Laughter

Despite her young age, two-year-old Mila Stauffer is already an Internet sensation. Her videos get millions of views and thousands of likes, and it’s all thanks to her “say it as it is” attitude and big personality. Let us just say the sassy little girl is not afraid to speak her mind when she notices something that bothers her!
Recently, she and her family took the plane from Arizona to Michigan, and while they were all going through security check, something happened that left Mila pretty annoyed. Her big brother got pat down by airport security officials, and Mila has strong feelings about it.
Not only does she think that the additional check was completely unnecessary but it was an experience that really tested her patience – something that in Mila’s case, comes in very short supply.
In the video below, Mila goes through all the details of the experience that made her not want to have to go through airport security check ever again. And in all fairness, she does make some pretty good points.
Nobody really enjoys going through airport security, so we’re pretty sure you’re be able to relate to some of the things being brought up in this clip. Thanks for watching!

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