Chewbacca Mom Crushed The National Anthem At The Astros Game

Chewbacca mom became an internet celebrity basically overnight after a video of herself laughing hysterically while trying on a Chewbacca mask broke all kinds of records. The woman appeared on television in some of the most famous shows right now and managed to raise an impressive amount of money for one simple reason: she genuinely managed to make millions of people laugh with her.
Now, we already knew the woman has a great laugh, but we had no idea she has an incredible voice as well! Chewbacca mom made a surprising appearance at a game where she sang the national anthem. The big surprise was the woman actually has a great voice. Her performance left the entire audience speechless and she totally managed to rise to the occasion and prove she is more than just an Internet sensation.
And while her performance will most likely not be as successful as her famous video, it would be a pity for people not to find out that she has other qualities beside that of making people laugh.
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