Corgi Pup Squares Off with Chicken, Out of Nowhere 3rd Contender Interferes to Take Action

Generally speaking, animal fights are disturbing and cruel, but the stand-off between an adorable little Corgi and a feisty hen captured in the video below is none of that. In fact, it’s one of the most adorable things we’ve seen in a while.
There’s no way of knowing what exactly sparked the argument between them, but it all started with an intense stare down. And once the two opponents realized that none of them are going to be the first one to give in, they took their feud to the next level, and began chasing each other around the yard.
And just like any good “fight” scene, there’s an element of surprise. When we thought that the clear winner was the hen, a 3rd contender interferes to take action, and you will never believe who it was.
A duck who happened to hang out around the barn saw everything unfold and decided to get in on the action, much to the surprise of the hen and the Corgi who thought it was all over.
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