Couple Rescues Emaciated Tibetan Mastiff They Find at the Great Wall of China

Abby and Cliff embarked on an unforgettable vacation in China, exploring the captivating wonders of the Great Wall. Amidst the grandeur of this renowned structure, fate intervened, presenting them with a heart-wrenching sight—a Tibetan Mastiff confined within a cage. It was evident that the majestic canine had endured neglect and malnourishment, his emaciated frame serving as a poignant testament to his suffering.

Prior to their journey, Abby had delved into research, discovering an organization called Bunny Buddies that specialized in rescuing dogs from Asia and bringing them to North America. With their hearts stirred by compassion, Abby and Cliff knew they had to extend a helping hand to the forlorn Mastiff. Determined to make a difference, they promptly reached out to a local rescue group.

Through the concerted efforts of the rescue organization, the Mastiff, now affectionately named Wally, was saved from his dismal predicament. Plans were set in motion for Wally’s journey to the United States, where a new chapter awaited him alongside Abby and Cliff. The overwhelming joy of securing Wally’s future radiated within their hearts, knowing that they had played a significant role in his redemption.

In a touching video, Abby and Cliff share Wally’s incredible rescue story, a tale that embodies the power of compassion and second chances. Wally’s new family spares no effort in providing him with the utmost care and love. A testament to their devotion is evident in their recent journey, where they embarked on an arduous eight-hour drive to meet Vanessa, a skilled dog groomer known as Girl With The Dogs.

Seeking Vanessa’s expertise, Abby and Cliff sought guidance on tending to Wally’s double coat, which had suffered from years of neglect and an unhealthy diet. Wally, at approximately six years old, faced the challenge of severe matting whenever his coat grew out, causing discomfort and overheating during the summer months. Thus, the assistance of a professional groomer became essential for maintaining his overall well-being.

Vanessa, undeterred by the task at hand, eagerly embraced the opportunity to make a difference in Wally’s life. After meticulous assessment, she came to the heartbreaking conclusion that Wally’s long coat could not be salvaged. The effects of prolonged malnutrition had irreversibly altered the texture and condition of his fur. Nevertheless, Vanessa devoted five hours of her expertise to grooming Wally, cherishing the opportunity to work with such a gentle and resilient soul. She expressed her admiration for Abby and Cliff’s remarkable act of rescue, acknowledging their compassion and the honor she felt in meeting their exceptional family.

Since his rescue a few years ago, Wally has experienced a remarkable transformation. The once frail and undernourished dog, weighing a mere 60 pounds during his confinement, has now blossomed into a robust and cherished member of Abby and Cliff’s family. Weighing a healthy 140 pounds, Wally embodies resilience, love, and the profound impact that dedicated individuals can have on the lives of those who need it most.

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