Dalmatian Abandoned in Park is So Anxious at Shelter She Chews Herself

When Lee from the Asher House embarked on his journey to Los Angeles to rescue Rain, he received news that the Dalmatian dog had been discovered tied up in a park. Unfortunately, Rain was not faring well in the shelter, exhibiting extreme anxiety that drove her to chew on herself, rendering her unable to walk due to the severe damage inflicted on her foot.

Initially, Rain displayed a profound lack of trust in Lee. She frequently lunged and attempted to bite him, undoubtedly bearing the scars of past abuse and requiring time to heal before placing trust in people once again.

Undeterred, Lee and Rain commenced their arduous 16-hour return trip to the sanctuary of Asher House. Throughout the journey, Rain appeared hesitant about the attention she received from Lee, as captured in the accompanying video. Nevertheless, Lee persevered and gradually earned her trust, resulting in Rain becoming inseparable from his side.

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