Discovery Channel Filmmaker Is Filmed While He Is Eaten By A Huge Anaconda ! Viral Video

A naturalist who created a special suit that can protect you from a snake will be eaten by a giant anaconda in a documentary made for Discovery Channel.

In the documentary titled “eaten alive” filmmaker Paul Rosol plans to dress in his snake-proof suit and then the huge snake will swallow him.

The documentary, which will be released on December 7, has already drawn criticism from animal lovers who consider the filmmaker actions as “an abuse against wildlife at the highest level ” Rosol disagrees. “If you know me, you know that I would not never hurt a living being,” said the filmmaker.

eaten by snakeeaten alive by snake

Rosol, who was nicknamed “the Indiana Jones of Amazon” specializes in the Amazon jungle.

“This is an abuse against wildlife and it is absolutely disgusting, and could kill the snake. An adult green anaconda can not stand an adult’s shoulder width inside ” says an online petition from the site which requires Discovery to cancel the experiment.

Anaconda snakes eat, usually wild pigs, deer and caimans. Constrictor snakes such as anacondas and pythons, tend to crush their prey and kill it that way before they swallow it.

Although there are many unverified testimonials on anaconda snakes who killed people, it’s unlikely that an adult man can be swallowed by such a snake.

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