Dog Adorably Confused on What to Do After Octopus Steals Her Tennis Ball

Playing fetch at the beach with her beloved tennis ball, Lucy, a friendly and curious Border Collie from South Africa, never anticipated her fun day being interrupted by an unexpected encounter with an octopus.

As she joyfully played near the shoreline, exploring the tide pools during her daily outing, Lucy’s inquisitive nature led her to meet an equally curious octopus. When her tennis ball bounced into the water, she eagerly went after it.

To her surprise and that of her owner, Riette Creighton, the octopus swiftly emerged from beneath a rock, snatching the ball right before Lucy’s eyes. With one of its tentacles firmly gripping the tennis ball, the octopus seemed determined not to release its newfound treasure. The expression on Lucy’s face, as captured in a video, clearly conveyed her confusion and bewilderment, as if she was asking, “What on earth is happening?”

It’s a unique and amusing tale of an unexpected friendship between a playful dog and an inquisitive octopus at the shores of their coastal home.

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