Giant Dog Approaches Little Girl In Hospital Bed, Now Keep Your Eye On His Back

If you’ve ever had a canine as a pet, then you know that dogs make our lives better in so many different ways. From brightening up our morning with their goofiness to keeping us company whenever we need it to cuddling up against us at night, there are many ways dogs improve our day-to-day existence.
But in the case of the little girl in the video below named Bella, her dog not only makes her life easier; he actually make her life possible. That’s because Bella was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Morquio Syndrome. Because of this condition, Bella will lose most of her mobility as she grows older, which means she won’t be able to do everything on her own.
That is where her beloved mobility service dog named George comes into play. The dog is specially trained to help Bella get around and have a sense of increased sense of freedom and independence. To reward George for his contribution to her family, Bella put together a surprise for him. With the help of the company Bark Post, she planned an entire day full of George’s favorite treats and activities. Take a look and don’t forget to share!

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