Crowd Forms Around Tiny Girl, Instant Music Starts Her Unusual ‘Dance’ Brings Crowd To Standstill

As I’m sure you know, Michael Jackson was loved and appreciated throughout the world not only for his amazing vocal talent but also for his impressive abilities as a dancer. His live performances and intricate choreographies in his music clips left millions of people in awe.
There will never be another Michel Jackson, but it’s wonderful to see that his incredible career and undeniable talent continues to inspire new generations of young dancers. One such dancer managed to bring an entire crowd of shoppers to standstill with her unusual performance, and the result is going viral.
It all started after the 8-year-old who was shopping at the mall with her parents decided to showcase her talents as an Irish dancer and chose one of Michael Jackson’s top songs as the background music. Although no one was expecting her chorography to match the music, the little girl managed to surprise everyone with her rhythm and how well her moves matched the beat of the music.
Who knew that Michael Jackson’s music and Irish dancing is a match made in heaven, right? Take a look and don’t forget to share this surprising performance with all of your friends and family online.

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