Mom Holds Up Line With Price Check. Moments Later, Another Customer Dashes For Her Cart

If you’ve ever had a baby, then you know that none of the material stuff required to raise a child come cheap. And one of the priciest expenses on any parent’s grocery list are diapers. So it’s no surprise that many caregivers out there are always looking for ways to save money on this. After all, raising a child and covering for all the expenses yourself is no walk on the park.
The mom in the video below had bought four packages of diapers, but she soon found herself in the embarrassing situation of having to hold up the line by asking the cashier to do a price check for the diapers. Seeing how everyone sitting in line behind was starting to get frustrated and roll their eyes, the mom decided to give up on three of the diaper packages and only pay for one, full price.
But then is when an elderly woman in front of the line rushed in to help. Without asking any questions, this kind stranger decided to pay for the diapers the mom had left on the counter herself. The entire moment was captured on video by another shopper. Take a look:

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