Nervous 2-Yr-old Looks at Daddy When She Forgets Her Steps. His Next Move Lights Up the Internet

Performing in front of a crowd and being the center of attention can be pretty nerve-wreaking, even for professional artists. So one can only imagine how the little girl in the video below must have felt when she forgot her steps right in the middle of her number.
Luckily, she wasn’t alone on stage. Although nobody else could see him, the girl’s dad was backstage, going through the steps the little girl had to do in the same time as she did. So when she got stuck and couldn’t remember what to do next, this cutie just took a look at her dad and managed to carry her performance through.
With everyone in the audience cheering her on, this mishap pretty much went unnoticed. The most endearing thing about this clip is the fact that dad knew all the steps by heart. He clearly rehashed alongside her daughter many times before the big night, which means he is a wonderful dad.
It’s always nice to see a dad who takes so much interest in his daughter’s passions which often get labeled as girly. So make sure to share this precious clip with all of your friends and family on Facebook.

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