Hidden camera captures what Dad is REALLY doing with the kids while Mom’s out — TOO CUTE!

When it comes to staying home and taking care of young children, moms are typically the ones that take the lead. But that doesn’t mean that dads can’t do an awesome job taking up some of the same responsibilities involved in raising a child.
The dad in the video below could compete for the “greatest dad in the world” title, and win! His wife was curious to find out what’s his secret to make their kids look forward towards spending more time with dad, so she installed a hidden camera to see what the man is up to while she is out at work.
What the camera captured is too adorable for words. After setting down the laundry he was carrying, the man took advantage of the fact that his little girl was listening to a Katy Perry song, and started showing his best dance moves.
His silly moves will definitely put a smile on your face, but that’s not even the best part! The best part is when dad lends his daughter’s pompoms, and starts channeling his inner cheerleader.
If more dads would spend more time with their kids, the world would be a better place; that’s for sure!

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