How is he doing this with a slinky?!

In 1943, a naval engineer Richard James, who was doing research on devices designed to stabilize vessels, built an object that would become, in chip surprisingly enough, a toy very popular, representing the perfect category “simple but ingenious “. Basically, it was about a spring wire – 25 meters of wire wrapped in a spiral spring, with a diameter of 8 cm. It sounds trivial, but … surprise! Spiral wire could only descend the stairs! Engineer James has realized the potential of his invention seeing how that was moved such a spiral spring, which he tore down the mistakes from a shelf. With the help of his wife (who has found the toy name), James has developed his business Slinky launch an object fun for children. Slinky toy classic entered the market in 1950 and since then have been sold across the world, more than 300 million copies.

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