“I am WILLING to do this for a IPHONE 6! ” He made headlines across USA!

A truly incredible event became ​​public !
Larry Else, a real estate broker, has made a truly incredible find – after he dropped the price of a house in Detroit that he was trying to sell, that the man who is her client is willing to trade the house in exchange for an iPhone 6.

“This is a real offer., My client is abroad and informed me that he is willing to give the property in exchange for an iPhone 6 and he is willing to negotiate,” said Else to My Fox Detroit.
The broker has told the Huffington Post that the house was bought in 2010 for 41,000 dollars, her client considering it a smart investment. If things looked good on paper, the house turned out not to be in such a good condition as the owner believed “My client was a victim,” said Else.