Little Boy Goes Missing Without a Trace, Then Stranger Tells Police to Check Behind the Dresser

The mystery of a six-year-old boy who seemed to have vanished into thin air for no less than two years has finally been solved – and the story is going viral.
Police officers in Illinois found the boy locked in a tiny secret room at his grandma’s house and law enforcement have reasons to think there is where the boy was kept all those years.
Ricky Chekevdia was only four years old when he disappeared, and despite police officer’s best efforts to find him, the boy was nowhere to be found. For months, every lead the cops had turned out to be just a complete waste of resource.
His parents were in the middle of a heated custody battle when Ricky went missing, and his dad expressed his belief that someone on the family might be involved with his son’s disappearance. He had reasons to believe that someone from his former’s wife’s side of the family was trying to keep his son away from him.
Two years later, a police investigation that will lead to Ricky finally being found proved that his dad was right all along. These are the kind of thigs that usually happens in movies, and the details of the story are downright mind-boggling. Check it out:

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