Models with Down’s syndrome joined by celebrities for charity fashion show

Generally speaking, whenever there’s a celebrity on stage, no matter the event, all eyes are on them. But at a charity event that took place recently, it was the amazing men and women with Down syndrome who were the true star and stole the show.

Peyton Manning, Queen Latifah, Hilary Swank, and more of Hollywood’s A-list celebrities joined a few special first-time models on the runway for a charity fashion show in Colorado.

Entitled “Be Beautiful, Be Yourself,’ the fashion show was meant to raise awareness about this syndrome and show people that those with Down syndrome are more than capable to do many of the things someone who is consider fully capacitated can do!

So, some of the celebrities who took part in the event were personally affected by the stereotypes that target people with Down syndrome. Jamie’s Foxx’s sister is just one of the millions of people who have this syndrome. Deondra Dixon appeared on stage with Queen Latifah and looked as if she had an excellent time.

Here are more some images that do a great job depicting how the whole event unfolded. So, please help raise awareness about this important topic by sharing the video with all of your friends and family!

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