Mom Leans in to Give Newborn a Kiss, Baby’s Next Move Is One Mom Will Never Forget

There is no denying the fact that every loving mom out there would go to extreme lengths to let their babies know just how much they love them and how much they mean to them.
Whether it’s by showering them with kisses, singing to them or just holding them in their arms, there are many ways a new mom can showcase affection. In this regard, moms are the best.
And moms do all this without ever expecting anything in return. But that doesn’t mean that babies don’t have any reaction. One baby’s reaction to her mom kissing her sweetly, in particular, has warmed up the hearts of thousands of people online. And it’s really no surprise why!
As mom gently cradled her in her arms, the adorable newborn baby girl can be seen puckering her lips right after receiving the kiss from her mom – and it’s for sure one of the cutest things ever!
It’s almost like the baby girl is trying to mimic her mom’s gesture! As you can imagine, mom could barely hold back the tears seeing her baby’s precious display of affection.

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