Mom shares 7 genius tricks to keep every part of your bathroom spotless

Let’s not pretend that cleaning the house, especially the bathroom, is fun, because the reality is that many of us dread this household activity.
However, the thought of nasty germs lurking in every corner of the bathroom, as well as the embarrassment that comes with having a smelly bathroom, are usually enough to make us build up the courage to tackle what is most likely one of the most annoying life cleaning situations.
Lighten up, because, as it turns out, cleaning the bathroom doesn’t have to be hard or take up an entire day. All you need are some clever tricks that will help target bacteria and fight the smell without having to use expensive cleaning products or harsh chemical.
Start by doing an assessment of just how much work your bathroom really needs. This will tell you if it’s in need of a deep cleaning, or you can get away with just a few sweeps and a little scrubbing.
Our advice is start from the top, and clean your shower head, and then work your way down. You can use many common household items to get rid of even the worst messes and stains. Use the hacks shown in the video below, and your bathroom will look all shinny and new again.

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