This pair of parrots argues just like an old married couple and it’s hilarious!

Have you ever heard that say: “You fight like an old married couple”? It’s usually used when referring to people who bicker as if they were together for at least a few decades. Also, it’s typically used when referring to people. But it is very appropriate to describe these two birds’ attitude.
The two hilarious parrots in the video below sure sound like your typically married couple who bicker in the store trying to decide whether to purchase a certain item or not. Each one of them seems to have a particular point of view, and none of them seems willing to back down and compromise.
Now, a parrot’s ability to mimic human speech is surely not something new, but the cool thing about this video is that the two birds actually seem to have a conversation with each other. There’s no way of knowing who won the argument, but if it’s anything like the arguments that usually happen between spouses, it’s probably the “wife”.
As far as animal video go, this one is definitely worth the watch, so take a look and don’t forget to share it with all of your friends and family online!

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