Place uncooked pasta in pan. Her next step creates a scrumptious meal the whole family will love

Looking for a quick recipe that you can make in under an hour and that your entire family will love? If so, then you are definitely in the right place. The pasta dish shown in the video below takes under fifteen minutes to cook, and it’s also super easy to make.
All you have to do really is put all the ingredients in a pan, and wait for them to cook properly. Generally speaking, when making pasta, you have to cook the pasta and them whip pop some kind of sauce. There are hundreds of recipes for this, or you can simply buy the sauce and serve it on top of your pasta.
But if you like everything to be nice and fresh, you’ll have to cook the sauce from scratch. That is what it’s so great about this famous Martha Stewart dish. You’ll only need one pan to make it. Both the sauce and pasta will cook together, so all you have to do is put it on plate and serve it to your family.
Sounds good? All the instructions and steps you need to follow to make this delicious dish are provided right here in the video below. Anybody can cook this!

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