Secretly Father Creates Memorial for His Son, 12 Years Later Finds Note from Billionaire

There’s nothing worse a parent can experience than losing a child. The kind of anger and profound sadness that come with losing the person you loved most in this world can’t be explained or properly put into words. It’s something that can’t be described, and yet, it’s real.
Only those who experience this kind of loss know how it can change you. The man in the video below named Raymond Olson was devastated when he lost his child, and thought the world would come to an end. But the world kept on going, as if nothing happened.
And Raymond just didn’t know what to do. But he knew that his son wouldn’t want him to give up on life. So he decided to honor his son as best as he could. Under the cover of darkness, Raymond began building a beautiful memorial for his son.
He spent more than a decade working at the elaborate monument and nobody knew who was behind it. Raymond put a lot of effort into maintaining his anonymity, but when the Chevron gas station on which property the memorial was located was due to get a makeover, the owners of the company reached out to Raymond and made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.
Instead of simply tearing down all Raymond’s work of over ten years, company officials offered him something amazing so that he can continue to honor his son’s memory in the same way he did for the past decade.
Watch the video below and find out what Chevron offered Raymond!

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