If You See a Coin On a Headstone, Do Not Touch It or Pick It Up – Here’s Why

Money makes the world go round. And even though you may agree that there are other things that are far more important than having money, the truth is that we all need money to survive in this world. So it’s no surprise that most of us wouldn’t think twice if we would come across money just lying around, and pick them up instantly to put them in our pocket.
Well, there’s at least one situation when you should resist the instinct to make a quick buck. If you happen to see a coin on a headstone, you should never pick it up. Moreover, it’s best not to even touch it.

That’s because that coin is more than just money, it’s a symbol that has very deep meaning. You see, the coin was left there as a way to show respect and appreciation for the men and women who lost their lives after serving in the military.
The coins themselves don’t have much monetary value, but they can help soothe the broken hearts of those left behind.

Grieving family members know about this symbolism and can find great relief in knowing the memory of their loved ones will never be lost.

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