Single Mother is forced out of her home, now LOOK closely at her shopping bags…

It’s not easy being a mom of five boys. In fact, it’s quite the opposite of that. It’s even harder being a single mom and having to take care of the boys alone. Still, the woman in the video below named Alishia never complained. Not even once. She loves her boys more than anything in the world, but there were times when she felt like she’s come to the end of her strengths.
There were times when she found it impossible to make ends meet and felt like a failure; like she was disappointing her children. She wanted her five boys to have everything they needed to be happy and successful. The problem was that she was in debt and about to lose her home. She couldn’t find a way to solve her problems, and thought that nobody cared.
Everything changed for the better at a time when she least expected it. She met a special group of people who had a major impact on her life and on the life of her five children.
We all could use a little break from time to time, and this beautiful woman definitely deserved some help.

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