Strangers Give Waitress Best Shift Ever, Then Last Customer Asks Her to Come Outside.

Chelsea Roff, the young woman you are about to meet by watching the video below, hasn’t had an easy life. The first major hurdle she encountered came when she was only 15 years old. Then, Chelsea struggled with a severe eating disorder.
She hit rock bottom and decided she needs to shift her life in a different direction after suffering a stroke while she was grocery shopping.
Her journey towards recovery wasn’t an easy one. But thanks to yoga and meditation, she managed to find her balance again. What’s more, she started a nonprofit called Eat Breathe Thrive to help others recover from eating disorders the same way she did.
But unfortunately, her volunteer work doesn’t pay for her bills, so Chelsea took a job as a waitress, a job that she takes very seriously because it involves working with people. Chelsea always strives to make the day of her customers just a little bit better.
And one day, someone decided to return the favor and repay her for all her hard work by offering her the best shift ever. It was Chelsea’s coworkers and friends who nominated her for a “Prank It Forward” surprise put together by the awesome folks at Break.
And they really went all in for this surprise and planned all the details so that the event will be one that she will never forget.
Everything was caught on video, and it will single-handedly restore your faith in humanity.
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