Stray Cat Breaks Into A Zoo To Become Best Friends With A Lynx

Nature is no stranger to unlikely friendship, and it seems as nature has done it again. Adorable images show a stray cat and a lynx at a zoo cuddling together, and it’s just as cute as it sounds.
The images were taken at the famous St. Petersburg Zoo located in Russia. It’s the home of Linda, a beautiful Eurasian lynx. You most likely know that lynx are basically bigger cats, only a lot dangerous. Unlike cats, they are wild animals and therefore can’t be domesticated. They are extremely dangerous, which is why you would never want to come across one of them without having a partition glass separating you from them. Although, it would sure be nice to have them as pets, right?
Lynx are not sociable animals, but Linda seems to have become particularly attached to a cat that found a way to sneak into her enclosure. The cat is a stray act and most likely walked into the zoo hoping to find some food.
Instead, she came across Linda, and the two hit it off immediately. According to the people at the zoo, the cat visits the lynx almost every day and they spend a lot of their time cuddling and showing affection for one another. What’s more, the cats even lookalike, as if they were somehow related.
Their friendship started a few years back and the zookeepers have no intention of putting an end to it. Both felines look happy and seem to be enjoying each other’s company, so there’s no point in stopping the cat from entering the lynx’s enclosure. After all, it’s also good for business, as tourists love seeing this unlikely friendship unfold right in front of their eyes.

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