Struggling mom breaks down in front of her coworker, has no idea that’s the CEO in disguise

There’s definitely no shortage of horrible boss stories. But the reality is that not all bosses are the same. Some CEO’s are more than just people in suits who yell out orders and expect them to be fulfilled the second they snap their fingers.
Some bosses are actual leaders who care about their employees and understand that every single man and woman who works for them deserves to be treated as a real person, and not just a job title.
The man in the video below is definitely one of the them. John Fuller, CEO of Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, accepted to go undercover in Downey, California for the CBS television show, “Undercover Boss,” and the result is going viral.
The man initially wanted to do this project to gain insight into what he could do to increase productivity of his business and also discover hard-working employees.
But after her got to know Deanna, a single mom working for him, he ended up doing a lot more than that. The woman’s story really impressed him, and he decided to do an extremely generous gesture to pay off for all of her hard work. Take a look:

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